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Quality and diversity are the key to success.

Satisfy your customers with high-quality meat products in attractive vacuum packs.

Our vacuum packaging machines are a simple and economical solution that meets the diverse requirements in modern butcheries.

The chamber machines from MULTIVAC provide outstanding assistance in your butchery, making it possible to produce hygienic vacuum packs that can maintain and even improve the quality of your products. Removing oxygen significantly increases the shelf life of fresh and processed meat products, allowing taste, colour and consistency to be retained. The products are also optimally protected in the packaging during transport and storage by the end consumer. A further advantage is that they can be attractively presented at the counter or in the refrigerated rack.


Meat is a valuable food – refine your products and increase their value.

Whether wet-aged or dry-aged – through perfect vacuum packs, you support the aging process of your high-quality meat products. The meat remains flavourful and tender, and the shelf life is extended. Sausages, sausage products, convenience products and ready-to-serve dishes can also be optimally packaged in film pouches in portions according to your requirements, facilitating organisation in your butchery.

Consumers want flexibility. Prolong the shelf life of your meat and sausage products with perfect vacuum packs.

Package fine pieces of meat, sausages, sausage products and ready-to-serve dishes in the required portions under vacuum or modified atmosphere. In this way you can extend the shelf life of your high-quality products considerably. Your foodstuffs are hygienically packaged and thus extremely well protected, allowing them to be stored not only better but also for longer. This increases flexibility in your butchery as well as at your customers’ homes, lowers costs and helps to reduce food waste.



Marinating intensifies flavour, creating new taste experiences. With evacuators from MULTIVAC, you can achieve excellent results – easily, safely and quickly.

This refinement method not only extends the shelf life of meat but also improves its taste. The marinade is activated by the vacuum and thus more quickly and intensively absorbed than with conventional methods. Professional chamber machines enable efficient and particularly hygienic packaging, with the film pouch also being able to serve as a sales packaging. In this way you can portion your products as required, store them better and present them in a more attractive manner.

Versatility is key. Increase your business success by using film pouches not only as product protection but also as sales packaging.

With vacuum portion packs, you increase the added value for your customers. Meat and sausage products can be stored longer and more hygienically before consumption, can be frozen without risk of freezer burn, look appetizing and do not dry out. Evacuation also benefits you: your meat and sausage products can be conveniently pre-portioned for the sales counter and presented attractively in printed film pouches.

MULTIVAC vacuum packaging machines are an economical solution to meet the widest array of requirements in modern butcheries.

 MULTIVAC is a leading manufacturer of chamber machines. The portfolio for butcheries includes machines for various requirements. The powerful table and free-standing machines feature particularly simple and intuitive handling. Reliability, durability and comprehensive service mean that MULTIVAC vacuum packers provide great assistance in your butchery.