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Efficiency all along the line.

Simplify your transport and logistics processes in food service.

With the powerful vacuum packaging machines from MULTIVAC, you can design your supply chain in food service safely and efficiently.

Chamber machines from MULTIVAC support you in optimising your logistical structures in food service. Menu components or complete dishes can be prepared without stress, packaged in portions and processed as required. The high quality of the products is maintained or can even be improved, and their shelf life is significantly extended. The packs can also be stored hygienically and easily transported, reducing your effort and costs.


Reliability and adherence to schedules are important factors in food service. Simplify your logistics processes – on every order.

Vacuum packaging is an ideal choice for stress-free food preparation in food service and catering, in canteens, cafeterias and large kitchens or for mobile delivery services. You can portion, stockpile, transport and store individual menu components or complete dishes according to what is required. The food is hygienically and securely packaged, extending its shelf life. Its quality is also maintained during storage and transportation. You thus optimise your entire organisation, including your logistics structures.



Cost-effectiveness and efficiency are key to success. Reduce your costs with optimised handling and prolonged shelf life of your products.

Evacuation extends the shelf life of your food – while helping to minimize food waste. You can prevent unnecessary rubbish, contribute to better resource utilisation and save costs at the same time. Hygienic vacuum packs in portion sizes according to needs make planning, organization and preparation easy. Large kitchens work more efficiently and more economically; existing resources can be put to good use..

Food service is based on trust. Improve hygiene in your business and preserve the high quality of your products.

With evacuators from MULTIVAC, you package individual menu components or complete dishes hygienically and safely. An optimal vacuum allows products to be frozen and ensures a longer shelf life. Your food is optimally protected against external influences – germs, dirt and oxygen are not given the opportunity to infiltrate the packaging. The packs can be cleanly stored and transported.

MULTIVAC vacuum packaging machines are an efficient solution for meeting the diverse requirements in food service and catering.

MULTIVAC is a leading manufacturer of chamber machines. The portfolio for food service and for large kitchens includes machines for a wide range of requirements. The powerful table and free-standing machines feature particularly simple and intuitive handling. Reliability, durability and comprehensive service mean that MULTIVAC vacuum packer provide great assistance in catering and food preparation.