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Premium game and freshly caught fish deserve the best.

Preserve their full flavour and prolong their shelf life.

Perfect vacuum packs allow hunters and anglers to store their wild game and fish hygienically.

The powerful vacuum chamber machines from MULTIVAC help hunters and anglers to significantly extend the shelf life of their high-quality products. The products can be portioned as required, packaged hygienically and presented attractively at the point of sale. The film pouches are tightly sealed, ensuring optimal product protection from storage to transport through to the consumer’s kitchen. 

Wild game is one of the most exquisite foods. Refine your wild meat and increase its value.

Meat from deer, roe deer or wild boar ages further after being packed in film pouches. Whether wet-aged or dry-aged – with just the right vacuum, you ensure an optimum aging process for your high-quality products. This means that evacuation not only extends the shelf life of your products but also makes them more valuable. The meat becomes more flavourful and tender in texture. And you also benefit upon sale – refined venison is becoming more and more popular with consumers. 


Package meat or fish in a vacuum or modified atmosphere. In this way you can extend the shelf life of your high-quality products considerably.

Hygienic vacuum packs improve shelf life. Premium venison keeps its high quality. Fresh and smoked fish can be given a shelf life and be protected from freezer burn through vacuum packaging. The goods can be portioned according to requirements and packaged for seasonal peak times, such as Christmas or other holidays. The packs can be stored more easily and hygienically for longer, allowing you to fully utilise your wild game or fish. 

Marinating intensifies flavour, creating new taste experiences. Simplify your marinating process and achieve perfect results.

This refinement method not only extends the shelf life of meat but also improves its taste. The marinade is activated by the vacuum and thus much more quickly and intensively absorbed than with conventional methods. 

Use film pouches not only to protect products but also directly as sales packaging

Hygienic transport packaging offers added value for end customers, because foodstuffs subjected to high-quality vacuum packing remain fresh and have a longer shelf life. They can be stored longer, more easily and more hygienically before consumption. Meat and fish can be pre-portioned. The tightly sealed packs prevent rapid drying and reliably protect against freezer burn. 

MULTIVAC vacuum packaging machines offer a simple answer to the special needs of hunters and anglers

MULTIVAC is a leading manufacturer of chamber machines. Our portfolio for hunters and anglers includes machines for a wide variety of requirements. The powerful table and free-standing machines feature particularly simple and intuitive handling. Reliability, durability and comprehensive service mean that MULTIVAC vacuum packers provide great assistance when you are pursuing your passion.